Starting November 29, 2021:

Feral Human Society

A Six-part Zoom webinar

fe·ral | ˈferəl, ˈfirəl |

(especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication: a feral cat.
• resembling a wild animal: a feral snarl.

Nov. 29th: Feral Philosophy, An introduction (Michael Ronin)

Dec. 1st: Feral Holism (Sue Mason)

Dec. 6th: Feral Animal Communicator (Shelly Gibbs)

Dec. 8th: Feral Hunter (Jeremy Flynn)

Dec. 13th: Feral Cultivator & Agroforestry (Scott Gallant)

Dec. 15th: Feral Foodcraft (Jay Holecek)

Feral Human Society

The FHS is a multipart series where we explore the Natural impulses of our deepest Humanity. Hosted by Regenerative farmer and entrepreneur Antonio Marxuach, and brought to you by Pura Vida Gardens, we will explore a variety of topics ranging from:

  • Climate-appropriate landscape management,
  • Syntropic agroforestry,
  • Holistic Livestock Management in variable climates/terrain,
  • Ethical hunting,
  • Wildcrafting for food & medicine,
  • Primitive survival skills,
  • Regenerative fibershed initiatives,
  • Backcountry adventure preparation, nutrition, and skill-development,
  • Regenerative textiles for backcountry adventure (a personal obsession as I continue to eliminate plastic and polyester from my wardrobe),
  • Homesteading, fermentation, and farm-to-table cookery…


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Presented by Antonio Marxuach

{Regenerative farmer, outlier, entrepreneur, agro-ecologist, heretic, adventurer, Pachamama Warrior, Feral Human!}

Antonio is a relentlessly tenacious former World Cup athlete and current Biodynamic permaculturist who has shifted his attention to the challenges of Regenerative farming. He is the founder and owner of Pura Vida Chocolate (one of North America’s only farm-to-table, bean-to-bar chocolates) and its parent company, Pura Vida Gardens. He is currently building out a long-term regenerative cacao polyculture agroforestry project on his farm near La Tigra, Costa Rica.

He makes his home in Paonia, Colorado making chocolates and milking cows when he’s not on his Costa Rican cacao farm planting trees. He is equally passionate about seeking outdoor adventure, preferably via Nordic skiing when the snowpack is adequate or on his fatbike mountain bike when it’s not. For fun: music, singing, dancing, and culinary arts, especially when it incorporates fine chocolate!

What is Covered

Author of the groundbreaking book, “Modern Masculinity for the Conscious Man. Making Sense in Troubled Times”, Michael is an interdisciplinary cultural commentator, pulling together the threads of an unraveling world to provide clarity amidst all the Crazy. If there is a single objective truth, then it is found between many different trains of thought. Therefore, he generates insights that shed light onto that “truth” from diverse angles and viewpoints. In his words, “I’ve spent a large proportion of my adult life trying to see the world as it really is and coming to my own conclusions. Conclusions about everything I’ve been told or have learned from others. Most people, especially nowadays through their social media preferences, live in an echo chamber. Strangely, I find there aren’t enough groups or people out there whose thinking is closely mirrored by my own. I find myself constantly and intentionally challenging my thinking by reading and reviewing stuff from all over the informational map. I digest as much as possible from as wide an array of rock-solid sources as I can, picking and choosing those that make the most sense to me, and then synthesizing it all into something coherent. As I ingest information and perspectives, I try to accept and acknowledge my own limited ability to fully understand everything and, instead, embrace a growth mindset, however flawed or imperfect I might be at any moment. I am at war with my level of ignorance. I’m deeply concerned with society and our shared journey together as a species and in particular how it affects men. Even in western cultures, society is “not fit for human consumption.” It in no way works for the benefit of the vast majority of people. I’m both fascinated and disturbed about how the world is screwed up, how it got to be screwed up, how I got to be screwed up, and the parts we all play in creating the best conditions for people and planet. As a Professional Conscious Uncoupling Coach™  Susan is Trained and Certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT. (creator of Conscious Uncoupling). She is also a Relationship Coach, a Parent Coach, and an Educational Consultant, with extensive experience in alternative and Remedial Education. Many years spent working with parents to optimize their children’s education relevant for today’s world. The foundation of this work is also relationship and connection. Her beginnings included Waldorf Early Childhood Education, and then work as a Remedial Educational Therapist working with children in Waldorf Schools. She homeschooled her two creative inventive sons, K through 12, along with being asked to mentor other boys in the community. 
She is currently an Elder in the College of Teachers at the North Fork School of Integrated Studies – a Waldorf School  in Paonia. She is in her 36th year of marriage with husband James, who is a dynamic entrepreneur and a deep sheltering spirit with big love. When there are Relationship difficulties she works to guide clients to discover the rich possibility of the awakening that can come by transforming this disappointment or loss into a sacred journey. Professional Conscious Uncoupling Coach™ – Trained and Certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT. Relationship Coach Parent Coach Certified. Remedial Waldorf Educational Therapist. Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher. Educational Consultant – Alternative Education; Homeschooling; Remedial Education Elder for Waldorf Teachers at the NFSIS Recently featured on Dr. Karen Becker’s Healthy Pets website, Shelly Gibbs cannot remember a day when her life wasn’t filled with loads of furry critters. As the daughter of large animal veterinarian dad and a former rodeo trick rider mom, her earliest memories growing up in rural Colorado were formed astride her favorite horses, playing with her favorite dogs and cats, corralling sheep, feeding cattle, milking goats and dairy cows, and helping out her folks on their ranch with calving, lambing, bottle-feeding lambs, fence repairs, irrigation, and haying – she remembers back in high school driving the windrower as one of her chores. When not busy with farm or ranch chores, Shelly was involved with 4H, showing horses at the county fair, and representing the local western-riding equestrian club as the official parade queen in 1976. It would be fair to say Shelly learned to speak “animal” long before her first human words were uttered. As a result, she could hardly wait until the final bell of the school day rang so she could rush home to her beloved four-legged friends! Animal communication for Shelly wasn’t merely part of crafting some kind of contrived new age identity, it was quite literally her first language! For her to survive, and indeed thrive in her hardworking home environment meant forming deep, trusted sacred bonds with her nonverbal extended family. Constantly steeped in deep rapport with her animal teachers, Shelly gradually immersed herself into their arcane vocabulary. This, of course, inclined her to devote her life to forming extraordinary connections with extraordinary beasts. After decades of studying horsemanship, teaching her own kids to ride, volunteering at animal shelters, and assisting veterinarians with healing work, she eventually realized this pre-verbal language she learned was being given the name “animal communication”. She then set out to learn to be an interpreter, as the communication was already innate. This took her into a bit more esoteric realm of connection. She has spent the better part of 20-years deeply immersed in Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral bodywork and clairvoyant energy work. It is truly uncanny what Shelly’s clients have observed in her work. I have been the fortunate beneficiary of some stunning insights she has made with my own cats and also the beautiful Jersey cows that I help milk and care for in a local Biodynamic, A2/A2 shareholder dairy. Suffice to say, she has blown any skepticism I might have had out of the water! Just two years ago I invited Shelly to spend 5-weeks with me on my Regenerative Costa Rican cacao farm amid the cloud forest just south of Arenal Volcano. Twenty-minutes upon her arrival, this remarkable woman who blesses me with her friendship, drew her first wild neotropical critter near to her. In this case it was an iguana, prompting me to chortle in bewildered amazement, “Wow, so your superpower works on reptiles as well as mammals?!” Working on the farm and hiking the rainforest with my mystical friend Shelly is such an incredible treat! Almost daily we were treated to encounters with Costa Rica’s most extraordinary fauna; mammalian, avian, insect, reptilian, amphibian. Indeed in 13 prior visits I hadn’t encountered as many of the creatures who uncannily seemed to gravitate to her presence – including my first herd of tapir, Costa Rica’s largest mammal! Shelly grew up in rural areas with animals ever present in her life as friends and companions.  Her experience with them is deep and intuitive and horses in particular have taught her many profound lessons, which have helped her in expanding and refining her skills as an animal communicator.  She integrates training in the healing arts of Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Clairvoyance and has offered healing to animals since 2004. Shelly lives in rural Colorado in a tiny house on her dad’s farm that she built herself.  When she is not working on a project or doing healing work with animals,  she can be found walking outside in the sunshine wearing cowboy boots and her favorite jeans.  Her  work in all its forms is connected by the common thread of deep listening and creative self expression. Her desire is that any diminishment of energy, well-being or self expression can be lifted so that the essence of your animal can shine through.
Scott Gallant is a permaculture designer and educator with nearly a decade of experience working in Central America. He is the co-founder of Porvenir Design, a landscape design firm specializing in productive landscapes. He graduated from Wabash College in 2008 with a degree in Economics. He was the farm manager at Rancho Mastatal for nine years, and has worked with diverse projects such as VersaLand, Open Source Ecology, Project Bonafide and many more as he has developed his skill-set in permaculture design. Passionate about regenerative agriculture, holistic thinking, ethnobotany, community development, and re-skilling, he still makes time to hike and bike, read exhaustively, and work on his basketball jump shot and frisbee throw.  He has traveled extensively in Latin America, leading to a love of the culture, food, and language, which he attempts to speak.  Scott writes for the Permaculture Research Institute and has been featured on the Permaculture Voices and Abundant Edge podcasts.
“There were never so many able, active minds at work on the problems of disease as now, and all their discoveries are tending to the simple truth- that you can’t improve on nature”  Thomas Edison
“If we directed our creative energies away from technological progress and toward ecological progress, modern problems would solve themselves”  Chef Jay
Regenerative Chef, Chocolate Ambassador, educator Jay is a Regenerative Chef who creates deeply nourishing eating experiences for people hungry for change and connection so that people, and the natural world may THRIVE. Drawing on the wisdom of traditional cultures and current scientific studies his passion is to nourish, educate, and inspire those in need. He views whole foods as preventative medicine, and he stays up to date on current food issues and health concerns in order to create deeply nourishing foods. He enjoys being creative with the ingredients he finds in the tended and un-tended lands and loves to create new recipes share them with hungry friends and speak excitably about food with anyone who asks. Currently he is working at Fortunate Farm, a Family farm in Northern California, where he manages the compost and extensive farming and grazing activities while providing a variety culinary services to individuals and organizations around the state. He continues his work with Chocolate by connecting and supporting producers of cacao and agroforestry products in Latin America to North America by manufacturing chocolate and other unique food products. He combines his training, knowledge and passion into a service that has enabled him to work with various organizations and individuals, including catering companies, restaurants, corporate food programs, and consumer packaged goods companies to provide menu consulting, recipe/product development, nutritional and cooking demonstrations and classes, resources and encouragement.

The Feral Mind

Aristotle analyzed virtues into moral and intellectual virtues. In the Posterior Analytics and Nicomachean Ethics he identified five intellectual virtues as the five ways the soul arrives at truth by affirmation or denial. These are then separated into three classes:


  • Sophia – wisdom (rational intuition and scientific knowledge directed toward the highest and most valuable objects)
  • Episteme – scientific knowledge of objects that are necessary and unchanging
  • Nous – rational intuition of first principles or self-evident truths


  • Phronesis – practical wisdom/prudence


  • Techne – craft knowledge, art, skill

Why Go Feral?

Humanity, born of the womb of a living biosphere, is an organic species with a deep and irrevocable symbiosis with Mother Earth’s sacred terrain we all inhabit. She has made the interdependent conditions for flourishing Life possible. As a keystone species, we are granted the dignity, the grace to impose our will upon the Earth and make our nests more comfortable, potentially more optimized. Sadly, despite such an exquisite gift, many of us have chosen hoarding and greed over temperance and humility! Sure, Mother Nature routinely punishes hubris! But you wanna know what is truly terrifying…?!

Digital Enslavement

Humanity currently finds itself on the precipice of an ominous age! Technocrats have offered ever-shinier new tools and gadgets! Cartesian, reductionist, so-called enlightenment which paved the way for the empty and unfulfilled promise of “better living through chemistry” is now being supplanted by biotech, smart-phones, digital currencies, blockchain, 5G satellite networks, remote sensing, AI, VR and robotics, but to what end…?!

Before we further and irreversibly prostrate ourselves to the digital overlords, has modern civil society matured to the extent where we can reliably call upon our Higher Minds to adequately evaluate the necessity, the utility, and the ramifications of rapidly emergent novel tech…?!

What are the interdisciplinary metrics we might employ for such an evaluation…?!

Are we mature enough for ethical and civil discourse…?!

Are we evolved enough to honor the Precautionary Principle…?!

I like to share the story of how NASA spent 30-million dollars in the 1960’s to research how to make a ballpoint pen work in zero-gravity. The Russians, just used pencils!

Are we prepared to address the addiction of techno-fetishism…?!

How indeed do We the People, cultivate the Higher Mind…?!
The remedy,
the antidote,
the invitation back into the Sacred Garden,
that we are now offering is to…
Go Feral!

Without question, Conscious Humanity’s Regenerative Future is to become One with Nature again!

The Feral Human Society is imagined as a hyperlocal AND remote community where we explore and share the feral impulses of pioneering individuals and native groups in a vast array of global ecosystems where Feral Humans have hunted, collected, regeneratively cultivated, and innovated their interactions and footprint upon our Living Earth, in some cases for millennia! In this webinar series, we share personal, and inspirational stories of what it means for us to reclaim our birthright, to reclaim our True Nature, to reclaim our Warrior Spirit…?!

In this series, we seek to share with you our personal Feral Tales and introduce you to friends with expertise in:

  • Climate-appropriate landscape management,
  • Syntropic agroforestry,
  • Holistic Livestock Management in variable climates/terrain,
  • Ethical hunting,
  • Wildcrafting for food & medicine,
  • Primitive survival skills,
  • Backcountry adventure preparation, nutrition, and skill-development,
  • Regenerative textiles, especially Wool, for backcountry adventure,
  • Regenerative fibershed initiatives,
  • Homesteading, fermentation, and farm-to-table cookery,
  • And, so much more…!

Are you ready to Go Feral?