Pura Vida Chocolate has a 15-Hectare (35-acre) tropical Cacao farm near La Tigra in Costa Rica.

We are a small startup currently planting our first Cacao orchard on our land, previously a fallow macadamia farm. Our vision is to supply and grow much of our own Cacao from the best heirloom varietals we can find.

Our farm is being cultivated as a perennial polyculture, rich with biodiversity. This diversity of multiple species of support plants creates a healthy ecosystem capable of performing beneficial ecological services, such as increasing soil depth and carbon sequestration, as well as restoring wildlife habitat while providing a harvest of premium Cacao and many other nutrient dense fruits, nuts, herbs and medicinal plants. When the right regenerative farming principles are followed, Cacao Agroforestry can sequester incredible amounts of CO2 out of the atmosphere, more than any other agricultural system on Planet Earth! Regenerative Agriculture when practiced by enough farmers globally has the real potential to sequester enough CO2 to offset Climate Change and create a brighter future for ourselves and our children. To learn more, visit our friends over at Regen Network.


You help us greatly by buying our chocolate of course but we are also running a campaign to raise funds to plant our farm. Even an amount as little at $10 can help us plant 3 Cacao trees!